empresaFounded in 1978 at Serém de Cima by the current administrator Armando da Silva Dias, ASD began as a small family business dedicated to the production of articles in fiberglass for civil construction and industry of two wheelers.

In the late 80's extends its activity to health, notably the production of exclusive models of bathtubs and shower trays in acrylic.

In 1998 established the successful partnership ASD - KOLLER GmbH, which extends to the present day. Headquartered in Austria and offices in USA, Spain, UAE, Netherlands, Malta and the Czech Republic, KOLLER, GmbH is considered the world's largest hydro equipment.

In 2003, as a result of changes in market policies, the decision was made to centralize efforts and know-how acquired so far in the exclusive production of shower trays, bathtubs and whirlpool simple, cabins and columns. Since then, the company has made considerable investments allowing the constant technological upgrading of its manufacturing process, improvement of working conditions of its employees and the adoption of appropriate technology to protect the environment.

In 2007 strengthened its strategic position in inaugurating the Warehouse / Showroom in Guia-Albufeira, which is installed a modern exhibition.

Currently with a prominent position in its market sector, the ASD bet on his future with the optimization of human resources making up accompanied by a great team of longtime collaborators, who has knowledge and practices to act responsibly but also very young people with great competence and creativity.
With a domestic market share achieved in 2008, this year will be further steps towards internationalization.

Because the product is not a simple object, but an element that interacts with the life of the person who acquires the ASD focused its purpose in ensuring an effective service, a quality technical assistance and a relentless pursuit of the most innovative design and functionality.


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